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We are Pinki!


Worldwide Stitches, One Community!

Pinki envisions a global community united by the joy of crochet, knitting, and even other crafts fostering creativity and warmth through interactive courses, patterns, and a vibrant forum.

Crochet community
Crochet global community

How Pinki Works!

Pinki is devoted to connecting a global community of crafting enthusiasts through innovative and interactive crochet and knitting courses and patterns. Our mission centers on customer satisfaction, providing user-friendly designs, expert-led courses, and comprehensive support. The marketplace we offer is a hub for creators, fostering a vibrant global community of crochet and knitting enthusiasts. Embracing technology, interactivity, and a warm community forum, Pinki embodies a philosophy of inclusivity and creativity. It’s more than a platform; Pinki is a worldwide destination for interactive learning, connection, and creative expression.

Join Our Creative Family!

At Pinki, we take joy in witnessing individuals embark on their crochet journey and master the craft. Our goal is to play a meaningful role in your crochet experience from the very start. Join our closely-knit family as we provide the guidance and resources you need. We’re confident that you’ll leave an indelible mark on the vibrant world of crochet, and we’re excited to be part of your creative adventure.

Crochet community