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  • Progressive courses and patterns

    Begin your crochet journey from scratch and embark on a guided path that gradually elevates your skills. Our courses start from the very beginning, providing a solid foundation, and then progressively introduce more advanced techniques, empowering you to steadily advance in skill with each step. Furthermore, our patterns are designed for all skill levels from beginners to the advanced. 

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  • Lifetime Access!

    Experience a lifetime of creative learning with unlimited access to our comprehensive crochet courses and diverse pattern collections. Dive into continuous inspiration, master new skills, and unleash your creativity—all at your own pace.

  • Learn anywhere, anytime

    Our platform allows you to access the courses and patterns from any device, ensuring seamless learning experiences that fit effortlessly into your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re at home, on the go, or taking a break, you can dive into the world of crochet and expand your skills whenever inspiration strikes.

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Share your stories with your peers and communicate with them.

Your story matters! Get continuous guidance, join Forums, and connect with fellow art enthusiasts.

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Pass your course activities and earn a certification.

At Pinki, you not only master crafting but also earn a degree.

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Here’s some of our cool patterns

They’re easy to follow and in no time you’ll be crocheting like a pro

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Stay at home and learn how to crochet!

Using Pinki online courses and patterns.

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Enjoy wearing what you have made!

You will learn crocheting so fast.

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You can make a great handmade gift ;)

Just take crochet courses or patterns.

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