Stocking Hat


  • This Stocking Hat is made with DK or Light-worsted yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet hook.
  • It comes in 6 sizes including Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult Small, Adult Medium, and Adult Large. (Scroll down to see more details).
  • Yarn yardage for each size has been estimated. (Scroll down to see more details).

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This Stocking Hat is a delightful creation designed for crafters of all skill levels. This comprehensive pattern offers six sizes, ensuring a perfect fit from baby to adult large. Made with soft and cozy DK yarn, this hat combines comfort, warmth, and style in one charming accessory. The pattern is accompanied by detailed step-by-step photos and helpful notes, making it easy to follow along and customize your hat. With its timeless design, this stocking hat is perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to winter adventures. Start crafting your own collection of handmade hats today and spread the joy of personalized warmth.

Check the next tabs for more details about the Materials, sizes, and other information.


Sizes Circumference Height
Baby ~38 cm ~15″ ~30 cm ~11.8″
Toddler ~42 cm ~16.5″ ~33.5 cm ~13.2″
Child ~48 cm ~19″ ~38 cm ~15″
Adult Small ~52 cm ~20.5″ ~42 cm ~16.5″
Adult Medium ~56 cm ~22″ ~45.5 cm ~18″
Adult Large ~58 cm ~22.8″ ~49 cm ~19.2″

Yarn Amount

Yarn Yarn Length
Baby Yarn A: Approx. 75 m or 82 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 72 m or 79 yd

Yarn C: Approx. 34 m or 37 yd

Toddler Yarn A: Approx. 90 m or 98.5 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 85 m or 93 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 43 m or 47 yd

Child Yarn A: Approx. 123 m or 134.5 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 112 m or 122.5 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 56 m or 62 yd

Adult Small Yarn A: Approx. 146 m or 163 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 132 m or 144.5 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 66 m or 72.5 yd

Adult Medium Yarn A: Approx. 170 m or 186 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 155 m or 170 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 78 m or 86 yd

Adult Large Yarn A: Approx. 190 m or 208 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 172 m or 188 yd

Yarn B: Approx. 86 m or 94 yd


  • Yarn: Lightweight yarn (Size 3 /DK-Light-Worsted)
  • Hook: US E-4/3.5mm hook or any hook used to meet the gauge
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Pom pom


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